Dust Filter Cartridges, Dust Filter Panels and Dust Filter Cassettes Manufactured and Marketed in Different Diameters like 115 Mm, 128 Mm, 160 Mm, 228 Mm.

Primarily established in 2006 as an Industrial Filter Cartridges Manufacturer, R+B Filter Manufacturing Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. has evolved considerably and has enhanced capacity for development of better-quality Filter Cartridges,Filter Panels,. The company offers standard & bespoke solutions in the field of air and dust filtration. Our product range chiefly includes Industrial Filter Cartridges, Filter Panels, and Filter Cassettes, many of them are patented. We specialize in offering customized products based on individual client's requirements.

With experienced technical personnel and all-round support from our German principals, R+B Filter assists you with the development of unique and sustainable technical solutions, which ensure optimum performance of your dust collectors, effecting cost savings. Which is why the company is committed to expertise for applying science and leading-edge technology to come up with new series and improve overall qualities.

With rapid and diverse technical developments in the industry, there are continuous changes in client requirements for filtration equipment. That is why we constantly upgrade ourselves on these unique requirements and continuously develop new solutions for clean air. Besides that our range of Industrial Filter Cartridges is adjustable for environmentally approved disposal as well as assuring of excellent filtering capability.

Ultimately, Clean Air is Our Business!